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4 Things to do at Home during Self-Isolation!

Hey guys,

So this Covid-19 (Corona Virus) took all of us by quite a surprise. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has told all of us to stay at home and if we do go out, then it is only for necessary things (like going to get food, medicine, or 1 form of exercise like a walk, run or cycle. This is to keep us safe so if you do go out, then remember to take an antibacterial hand gel with you and stay 2 meters away from others.

We do not know how long this self-isolation will last. So, while we are stuck indoors, I am utilising my time as much as I can to reflect, read and write, and tick off all of those to-do items that I kept saying that I didn't have time for.

In this post, I will be sharing a few things that you could get up to during your time at home:

1. Connect with your Family and Friends

During this time at home, we may feel distanced away from people, both in a physical and mental sense. It is important to stick together during this period and work through this with your loved ones. As people, we need each other, and we live in a society that allows us to connect with others in so many ways. Try catching up with your community using one of the below methods:

1. Phone Call: The simplest way to get in touch with someone is to pick your phone up, dial their number and just have a conversation.

2. Facetime: Even better then a phone call is being able to face time your friends and family because we get to see and interact with them. You can use platforms like Whatsapp, Zoom.Us and the latest trend, an app called HouseParty which lets you enter 'rooms' with up to 8 people and even be able to play games while you facetime.

3. Online video games: Jumping on games like Fifa or Call Of Duty and using game modes like 'Multiplayer' or Ultimate Team while face timing your close ones could actually make thing even more fun then just playing games on your own.

2. Exercise

While we are limited to our houses, we do have 1 form of exercises per day that we can use. But, what if I don't like to run or cycle, or do anything outdoors for that matter? Well, there are a number of things that you can do at home to keep yourself in shape. During our time in doors, we will feel lazy and unproductive and that's okay. Working out for even 15 minutes a day has a number of benefits, like improving our mental well being and self-esteem, and improving our bodies immune system, which is something we can all have more of right now.

1. Joe Wicks (YouTuber): Joe Wicks has taken over the UK with his indoor workout videos to mainly support young people because of schools closing down. He basically does online PE classes from inside his house, check it out:

3. Learn how to play an instrument

You remember that guitar or piano that you got when you were like 9 years old. The one that has just been in the back of your closet for years. Yeah, that one. This could be the time you bring it out and test it out. Learning an instrument could be a great way to take your mind off of the stay-in-doors rule and actually bring out your musical ability. You can simply use YouTube to start learning. Or, if you don't have a musical instrument, you can learn how to make beats using one of these:

4. Learn a new skill

During this time in doors, many of you will be wondering when you might get back into education or employment. You may have concerns whether your coursework or exams will get the appropriate grades they deserve or trying to figure out where and when your next income will come into your pocket. It is a challenging time for a lot of people. The best thing that we can do is to prepare ourselves by equipping ourselves with skills that can help us now and in the future.

Below, I have outlined 7 different skills that will be very useful for you to learn, as these skills can help you find employment, help you with school work or even help you find some online work right now, if you learn the skill to a good level. Each of these skills will take time to learn so be patient and try as many of them as you can before committing to one.

1. Web Design: This is all about designing websites, like the one you are on right now. Web design focuses on combining the way the website looks with how easy it is to use. It's a great skill to learn because if you learn how to build a website, you can build one that can be used as your CV or showcase your work or you could even charge other people/companies to design their websites.

Where to learn:

- Use these free courses by CodeAcademy and Webflow University to get you started.

- You can also use or to just jump right in to building!

2. Web Development: This is all about building websites, like the one you are on. The difference between a designer and a developer is that the designer will create how the website feels and how easy it is to use while a developer will create the systems and processes so that the website can even work. It's a great skill to learn because you will constantly be learning and testing new things and you can get a high paying job.

Where to learn:

- Use these free courses by CodeAcademy and Webflow University to get you started.

- You can also use or to just jump right in to building!

3. Learn a language: Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Czesc! Merhaba! Learning a language can be really fun and practical. Because we live in a society where we mix with people from all different backgrounds and cultures, we never know when we will bump into someone who speaks a different language to us. By knowing even a few words in their language, we can connect with people on a more personal level. Plus, the more languages you know, the more in-demand you can be in the jobs market.

Where to learn:

- Check out this article by Lead With Languages to gain inspiration.

- Use these amazing apps by +Babbel and Duolingo to get you started.

- Meet Tim Doner from the U.S. and the twins, Matthew and Michael from the UK who are polyglots!

4. Copywriting: This skill looks at being creative and engaging with your written words. More specifically, being a copywriter means creating 'copy' or words that feature on billboards, websites, emails, and advertisements. It is a form of marketing and serves the purpose of raising awareness for your brand and trying to get a person or group to take a particular action! For example: Just Do It! The benefit of learning this skill is that you can work as a freelancer, which means working at a place and time that suits you.

Where to learn:

- You can jump straight into it by creating a Medium profile and writing a few articles on there, and then testing your engagement skills by promoting them on Instagram or Twitter for example.

5. Digital Marketing: This skill looks at utilising digital forms of content to promote and sell a product or a service. In here, you will use platforms like Social Media, Emails, Online Campaigns, Search Engine Optimisation and Copywriting to engage with users and try to sell stuff. This is another cool skill to learn as you can work as a freelancer, get paid a salary and commission (a percentage for every item you sell), and you can even start a business from it.

Where to learn:

- Check out this article by Lyfe Marketing or this video by Adam Erhart to learn more.

- You can start learning with Google Digital Garage for free here.

6. Personal Branding: This skill is all about being able to sell yourself and your expertise. Personal branding is the skill of communicating who you are and what you can offer, clearly. Every single one of us needs to know how to sell ourselves, whether it's to find a new job, a new partner, or just gain a few more followers on our social media. By learning how to sell yourself, you can create a better looking CV that can get you a new job, build a career as an Influencer or Speaker, or become a personal branding coach!

Where to learn:

- Check out this article I wrote or this video by Brian Tracy to learn more.

- You can start learning with Coursera here or this quick How-To video by Lavendaire.

- A two people I highly respect for their personal brands are Hayley Mulenda and

7. Graphic Design: This skill looks at being able to communicate a message, through the art of using text and images. Graphic Designers create pictures, videos, and images that help communicate what they mean. For example, a logo. A logo is the face of any business and a graphic designer would often work hard to try and create this image. Graphic designers are often multidisciplinary creatives, using digital marketing, photography, videography, and a touch of Web Design.

Where to learn:

- Check out this video series by Gareth David Studio.

- Get an introduction into Photoshop here, Video editing here and Digital Marketing here.


Once you learn one of these skills to get a good-enough level, you can list your services on a platform like Fiverr and find some paid work as a freelancer.


If you need some more ideas on what you can do at home, try these webites below for some inspiration:

I hope this article can help you navigate this self-isolation period. Remember to keep your head up and reach out to us if you need help with anything,

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